Taido Warrior: Series of Taido Games for Mobile

Taido Warrior: Challenge

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Audience: Everyone!
Try the Web demo of Taido Warrior: Challenge on itch.io!

This 100% free game allows users to explore the controls and mechanics of Taido Warrior. First develop your skills with target practice, and unlock new moves! You can keep playing after you’ve unlocked all new moves to compete with other players for the high score.

By now you should be ready for Fight mode: where you must survive as long as you can against hordes of enemies. Getting good at Fight mode? Try one of the challenges to really test your skills!


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Taido Warrior: Jissen

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Audience: Action/Fighting game fans!
This game mode will focus on Jissen: fighting. Can you beat all AI opponents?

After you’ve practised on the AI opponents, it’s time for online multiplayer! Fight a friend in either normal or strategic mode. Strategic mode is time-based, and thus eliminates ‘button-bashing’ – instead: it is all about outsmarting your opponent!


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Taido Warrior: Tenkai

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Audience: Creative gamers!
This game mode will focus on Tenkai: choreograph a fight where 1 hero defeats 5 attackers. Made a particularly fun and creative Tenkai? Then create a video at the push of a button to share your Tenkai with your friends!

And if you ever get bored, you test your dodging skills in Evasion mode!


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Taido Warrior: Dojo Defense

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Audience: Tower Defense fans!
A virus is causing all worker robots to behave like zombies. You must defend your dojo from the zombie-robot-apocalypse!

You are the Sensei, and your students are counting on your leadership! Position them strategically, then show them which moves they should use. They are not very smart, but are great at following instructions. Teach them well, and kick some zombie-robot ass!

After you have cleared all the levels, try to get a High Score in Survival mode. And if you ever get bored, try the challenges!


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Taido Warrior: Revenge

This game will combine detective work with story-driven action. It’s an ambitious project, so collaboration with a professional game company is desired! Contact warrior@taidoworld.com for more information.



General Information:

Out of our love for Taido came the inspiration to build a game! Taido is a Japanese martial art that emphasises movement, creativity, development and having fun.

What makes this game unique is the control system, which resembles Taido’s “Sotai” system of movement. The result is a mobile game with a fun combat system and exceptionally rich fighting mechanics.

Do you have what it takes to become a master Taidoka?



Movement is easy: just press Left or Right to move sideways, and double tap Left (or Right) to turn around and face that direction.

Tap any of the 5 Sotai buttons on the right (Sen, Un, Hen, Nen, and Ten) for a special Sotai movement.

Hold down any of the 5 Sotai buttons on the right (Sen, Un, Hen, Nen, and Ten) to bring up the Action Menu: now slide up for a quick attack, slide left for a strong attack, or slide right for a special attack.
Pro tip: got a hang of the controls? Then don’t wait for the Action Menu to show before starting your attack: simply slide up, left or right to begin your attack immediately!


Techniques (move list):

Un type: An up/down movement: like a wave crashing onto the shore.
Un movement: Ungi (jump).
Quick Un: Untai Nidan Geri (flying double front kick).
Strong Un: Untai Tobi Ushiro Geri (flying backwards kick).
Special Un: Untai Tobu Tsuki (jumping downwards punch).
Sen type: A spinning motion: like the wind swirling between trees.
Sen Movement: Ushiro Sengi (spin to quickly step back).
Quick Sen: Sentai Chokujo Tsuki (spinning forward punch).
Strong Sen: Sentai Kaijo Geri (spinning roundhouse kick).
Special Sen: Sentai Haimen Dori (spinning grab and foot-sweep).
Hen type: Tilting the body axis: like clouds changing form.
Hen movement: Hengi (sweeping step forward).
Quick Hen: Hentai Manji Geri (falling front kick).
Strong Hen: Hentai Ebi Geri (falling backwards kick).
Special Hen: Hentai Suhei Geri (falling side kick).
Nen type: A twisting motion while horizontal: like a whirlpool pulling down.
Nen movement: Fukuteki (duck / drop down platform).
Quick Nen: Nentai Hangetsu Ate (upwards half-moon kick).
Strong Nen: Nentai Shajo Geri (low cartwheel falling front kick).
Special Nen: Nentai Ashi Garami (leg scissor takedown).
Ten type: Tumbling movement: like lightning striking a rock.
Ten movement: Tengi (forward roll or back handspring, depending on movement direction).
Quick Ten: Tentai Gyakujo Geri (rolling ground front kick).
Strong Ten: Tentai Sokuten Geri (high cartwheel side kick).
Special Ten: Tentai Bakuchu Geri (backflip kick).



All Taido Warrior games have been created by Amir Niknam, and with the much needed help of the following contributors:

Arwen Stikvoort: QA & Moral support
Dave Lewis: Artist
Britt Stikvoort: Artist
Kevin Lerdwichagul: Voice actor
Fukushima Yoshinori: Translator
Henrik Johansson: Translator
Karri Flinkman: Translator
Leon Lindqvist: Translator
Marianne Malm: Translator
Yuki Oishi: Translator
Youssef Khatib: Consultant
Jason Maher: Consultant
Andrey Sitkov: Music
Jens Simons: Music
John Leonard French: Music
Alvar Hugosson: Special thanks!
Boaz Fischer: Special thanks!
Håkan Wååg: Special thanks!
Jesse Villagomez: Special thanks!
Maarten Derickx: Special thanks!
Martin Stellinga: Special thanks!
Peter Pandula: Special thanks!
Pelle Møller Schiødt: Special thanks!
Steven van Beest: Special thanks!
Stijn van der Heide: Special thanks!


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